Everything You Do Not Know About LinkedIn That Can Hurt Your Job Search

Many executive job hunters sign onto LinkedIn, look about, and find others that they know, include a few connections, and then… nothing.

When questioned later, they’ll acknowledge that they have been perplexed about the site’s value, and consequently neglected to construct connections or take invitations.

When my executive clients have went through this routine, I find that they typically didn’t realize that LinkedIn is a popular tool for job hunt, using a significant impact on their achievement. Proteus Leadership LinkedIn

LinkedIn, only from the measure of its internal tools and resources, is a great place to conduct an executive job search.

The website contains methods which you can use to locate company insiders, tap into a new set of professionals and recruiters, bet a presence on the LinkedIn forums, and use internal business memberships–all to your benefit.

However, the best reason get familiar with LinkedIn and maintain your own profile REGULARLY is that it replaces older information about you online –and makes it simple for other people to see your executive credentials during your search.

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